Winter Pfotenpflege

<tc>Winter Paw Care</tc>

Winter Paw Care

We can't talk about paw care enough because it is something so many people overlook or don’t think is necessary.

Paw care is a super important part of your dog’s overall health and well being. Those paws are used every day and walk over concrete, stones, woods and sand and need to be kept in tip top condition. 

Fall is the perfect time to prep the paws for the cold Winter months!

For Maya and Alice (and now little Nusia) we:

  • Carefully trim the hair between the paw pads
  • Give the paws a good scrubbing with warm water on a washcloth and some dog soap
  • Massage the paw pads with paw butter (after they are dry of course!)

 Summertime with hot streets and dry grass can really take a toll on the paws so depending on their current condition you may need to use paw butter once or twice a day for a week or so until they are healed and soft again. After that 2 to 3 times a week depending on how active your dog is and the terrain they are walking on should be enough.

Now, give your dog a treat because they endured all that grooming!

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