Dirty Dog Soap

Have You Got A Dirty Dog?

Two Happy Huskies wants to create a full line of dog grooming products with simple easy to understand ingredients that are totally free of harmful chemicals. 

Soap has been on our minds since the beginning and so we decided to just go for it. 

Did you know Huskies should only be shampooed twice a year? Yep, too many baths can irritate their skin, this is why we decided to create a bar soap instead of a traditional liquid shampoo, so we can “spot wash” when needed instead of a full body shampoo.

We ultimately decided on a goat's milk soap base and added shea butter, coconut oil, lavender & camomile essential oils and ground up oatmeal.

One day after watching Maya and Alice run through the woods, splashing in muddy puddles and rolling in poop, it just came to us, Dirty Dog Soap.

Dirty Dog Soap has been tested on humans, Alice and Maya and Eden’s cat Beckham with absolutely brilliant results. 

We hope you like it as much as we do, and we are looking forward to your feedback. 

Eden & Jessa

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