Wild West Jerky

Wild West Jerky

Wild West Jerky is a healthy protein packed snack your dog will love!

Our small batch jerky is handmade by us with 100% meat, we do not add preservatives or fillers. We simply pound the meat thin, slice it into strips and then it spends 12 hours at 70 degrees Celsius in a food dehydrator. 

On occasion we will offer a special "flavor" such as our Apple Jerky for Christmas, and for this we will have the meat sit for 24 hours in a sealed container with fresh apple slices and then the meat and apples will go in the dehydrator together. We will never be using artificial flavors!

Since there are no preservatives our jerky will not last as long as mass produced treats, so we ask that you store it in a cool dry place and if stored properly your jerky should be OK for about 3 months. 

Wild West Jerky is a treat and not meant to replace your dog's healthy diet. If you are unsure of how many treats your dog should eat per day please talk to your Vet.



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