Why Should I Use Paw Butter?

Why Should I Use Paw Butter?


Because you love your dog...right?

Think about it, most of us take care of our feet, we wash them, massage them with lotion, trim our nails and even get pedicures to pamper ourselves. (and we wear shoes most of the time) Since our dogs are walking "barefoot" pretty much all the time, shouldn't we give them the paw care they deserve?

Untreated paws can lead to excessive dryness and cracking which can lead to infection, and of course that comes with a hefty vet bill and unneeded pain and suffering for your dog. 

Keeping your dog's paws healthy is actually really simple, and if you say you "don't have time" for paw care maybe you should consider not having a dog. 

Paw Care:

-Wet a washcloth with some soap(ours is handmade and smells amazing!) and wash the paws, rinse and then pat dry with a towel.

-Trim the fur in-between the paw pads if necessary.

-Check in the areas between the paw pads for any debris like small stones or sticks.

-Scoop out a little bit of Paw Butter and gently massage it on the paw pads. (depending on your dog's personality you may need to distract with a treat or toy, or ever ask for help)

-Allow the Paw Butter a minute or two to absorb.

-Repeat the Paw Butter application 2-4 times a week depending on the condition of your dog's paws. (for something you just need to use your good common sense, and if that is not an option please speak to your Vet)

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